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May 16th, 2002 - The Last Light of Day... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Last Light Of Day...

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May 16th, 2002 [Jun. 28th, 2004|03:41 pm]
The Last Light Of Day...
[music |"Firewalker" Liz Phair]

"Monotone" May 16th, 2002

I dream of heaven and the look in your eyes
when you think of the unknown
I hold on tight and fast to this ride
and wonder where I'll be thrown
I'll forget that you're leaving, pretend we're both something,
and believe I'm worth coming back
I'll tell you it's nothing when you're reading my mind
and I've only half myself still intact
I love the salt of your skin and the silk of your skin
before you leave me behind
I'll think of this moment as the only one
and feel the rush up my spine.
On lazy days I'll play apathy
but without you I feel so alone
With anyone else in the heat of the night
my heart beats in monotone
You sing to me that you're the one
and you make me feel so alive
I'll ignore it when you say "I love you"
and it feels just like goodbye